Director's Report - January 2024

Each month Director Juli Moreno presents a report to the Board of Directors highlighting the previous month’s activities.

Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 2024

Director’s Report

Administration: Juli Moreno


  • Lee Audio Security panel inspected; all is approved.
  • Structural issue with water leak near back door, through to under- floor.
  • Designated as Heating Center (at present only hours of operation)
  • Target a March meeting with Masons to re-negotiate lease.


  • Partnering with Ashfield library for Astounding Writers on Saturdays (2x month)
  • Partnered with YMCA for Enhanced Fitness class, free, 16 weeks, at Mohawk Regional.
  • Juli continues to attend the Advisory Council for Lifepath, monthly meetings.
  • Open Air committee, Rec Committee, libraries, Fish Unlimited, Community Orchard, Art Space, and some local businesses are in network, sharing items for newsletters and postings.


  • Agenda-driven weekly staff meetings occurring, meeting notes available.


  • Hybrid Programming getting ready to launch, from site, as well as Chromebook at Highland Village to zoom wellness and social activities. Laptop ordered, will start Zoom for instructors to navigate after training.
  • Walking Club solid, still growing in attendees, more than 25 walkers signed up.
  • IT classes on site and in homes starting, an additional tech support person for Internet Cafe
  • Peer Support, Never Alone, second and fourth Fridays.
  • Increase of attendance in wellness activities, Balance participants signing up for activities
  • Starting preparation for two monthly podcasts


  • Facebook presence, Instagram
  • Cookbook project, specific to seniors and modifying recipes and tools.
  • Developing a “brand flyer” to post on a consistent template around towns.
  • T-Shirts being given away to anyone now that volunteers and instructors have theirs.
  • Newsletter continues to receive positive feedback for information and fun sections like recipes and pet corner.
  • Sharing of events with various vendor newsletters such as Lifepath, West County Shopper


  • Working on data for budget preparation, and Annual Reports.
  • Received Caregiver Respite for 7,800 to add drop off afternoon session and care for carees during support group.
  • We were awarded over 7000 hybrid programming grant through EOEA.
  • Developed a new spread sheet with Gloria, to track monthly status of salaries, town funds, and gift fund.
  • Completed three bill runs, coding and budgeting. Completed four Turnover of cash and donations to Town Hall.
  • Completed FRTA, RSVP, Caregiver Grant monthly reports.

Outreach: Teddy Doucette

Outreach 57 unduplicated individuals

Home Visit/transportation - 19

Risk / Counseling:

LifePath grant status:

  • coordinated home repair or technology support for 12
  • co-facilitated monthly Caregiver Support Group with 8 attending.
  • co-facilitated monthly Memory Cafe with 16 attending.


  • helped 4 with RMV issues.
  • referred 4 for Home Modification Program
  • assisted 8 with housing applications and/or provided necessary information about housing

Thursday, first of the month, available at Town Hall in Ashfield

Activities: Dot Lyman (weekly counts, unless otherwise noted)

Programming Status:


  • Lifepath meal inside every Thurs - average 10-12 per meal

To Go Meals

  • Tuesday to go meal 12/19-Holiday meal - 80

Health and Clinics:

Foot Care-

  • 11/13 – 13(A3, B5, S4, other 1)
  • 11/27 – 13(A5, B5, S3)
  • Ask the Nurse – 12/26 - 5


  • Yoga with instructor 8-10
  • Dance Aerobics exercise – 9 per session
  • Healthy Bones & Balance exercise program in person, Weds at 10 in Senior Center - 15 people, 2 instructors, Thurs at 10 in Ashfield – 13 people, 2 instructors
  • Tai Chi for Beginners- every Tuesday - 10
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis every Thursday – 10


  • BINGO every Thursday – 10-12 people each time.
  • Movie –12/26 – “12 Dogs of Christmas - 2
  • Knitting group – every Thursday 10-15 people
  • Ashfield COA Holiday lunch-music by Steve & Tom - 17
  • Men's Night – 12/13– trip to Real Pickles - 10

Education and Expression:

  • Sen. Learning Network – 12/5 – “Boston National Historic Park” – 3
  • Armchair Travel with lunch – 12/6 “Rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with
  • Peter Otten” – 16
  • Tea and Cookies with Mrs. Claus – 12/12 – 10
  • Veteran’s Agent here the 4th Wed. every month – open for drop ins
  • Memoir Writing by Zoom – on hold due to loss of Faith Kindness
  • Novel Idea Book Club – 8-10 people
  • Drumming – every Monday – 10 people

Transport- Bob Szafran


  • Dec23- logged in 2206 miles this month (A-28, B-44, S-67, other-53)
  • 79 Med rides, 78 shopping, 28 other
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Mon, Jul 22, 2024, 1:00 pm
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Ask the Nurse
Tue, Jul 23, 2024, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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To Go Meal
Tue, Jul 23, 2024, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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