Director's Report - December 2023

Each month Director Juli Moreno presents a report to the Board of Directors highlighting the previous month’s activities.

Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting

December 14, 2023

Director’s Report

Administration: Juli Moreno


  • Water leaked from the back door pipe, fixed and waiting for new wood floor near back door.
  • Continued issues with Verizon phone lines (dropped calls), Juli working with them to fix and update system.
  • Designated as Heating Center (at present only hours of operation)
  • Target a March meeting with Masons to re-negotiate lease.
  • Fire extinguisher and fire inspection- passed.


  • Partnering with Ashfield library for Astounding Writers on Saturdays (2x month)
  • Partnered with YMCA for Enhanced Fitness class, free, 16 weeks, at Cowell.
  • Rec Committee working with us for Cowell Gym and potential programming in Spring.
  • Juli continues to attend the Advisory Council for Lifepath, monthly meetings.
  • Open Air committee, Rec Committee, libraries, Fish Unlimited, and some local businesses are now in network, sharing items for newsletters and postings.
  • Tour of Trinity Church, potential partnering with space and activities


  • Agenda-driven weekly staff meetings occurring, meeting notes available.


  • Walking Club solid, still growing in attendees, more than 25 walkers signed up.
  • IT classes on site and in homes will start in January, classes in Sr Ctr and in Ashfield (town hall?)
  • Social History Project in Ashfield, working on presentation based on Mary Mosley’s grant project.
  • Peer Support, Never Alone, starting second and fourth Fridays.
  • Increase of attendance in wellness activities, Balance participants signing up for activities
  • Pen Pal Project started, needing more writers and some receivers!


  • Facebook presence, adding Instagram this month.
  • Developing a “brand flyer” to post on a consistent template around towns.
  • T-Shirts still available!
  • Newsletter continues to receive positive feedback for information and fun sections like recipes and pet corner.
  • Sharing of events with various vendor newsletters such as Lifepath, West County Shopper


  • Received Caregiver Respite for 7,800 to add drop off afternoon session and care for carees during support group.
  • We were awarded over 7000 for hybrid programming grant through EOEA
  • Waiting on results of EOEAH hybrid grant, notification end of Nov
  • Developing a new spread sheet with Gloria, to track monthly status of salaries, town funds, and gift fund. At present multiple different documents, now streamlining.
  • Completed three bill runs, coding and budgeting. Completed four Turnover of cash and donations to Town Hall.
  • Completed FRTA, RSVP, Caregiver Grant monthly reports.

Outreach: Teddy Doucette

Outreach 59 unduplicated individuals

Home Visit/transportation - 17

Risk / Counseling:

LifePath grant status:

  • coordinated home repair or technology support for 15
  • co-facilitated monthly Caregiver Support Group with 9 attending.
  • co-facilitated monthly Memory Cafe with 20 attending.


  • Completed 3 SHINE applications.
  • helped 2 with RMV issues.
  • referred 3 for Home Modification Program
  • assisted 11 with housing applications and/or provided necessary information about housing


  • SHINE appointments or resolution of insurance issues for 8 9Waiting for new SHINE counselor for January before scheduling.

Activities: Dot Lyman (weekly counts, unless otherwise noted)

Programming Status:


  • Lifepath meal inside every Thurs - average 10-12 per meal

To Go Meals

  • Tuesday to go meal 11/14-Thanksgiving meal - 80

Health and Clinics:

Foot Care-

  • 11/13 – 13(A3, B5, S4, other 1)
  • 11/27 – 13(A5, B5, S3)
  • Ask the Nurse – 11/27 - 5


  • Yoga with instructor 8-10
  • Matter of Balance workshop – series of 8, 17 attending
  • Dance Aerobics exercise – 8 per session
  • Healthy Bones & Balance exercise program in person, Weds at 10 in Senior Center - 15 people, 2 instructors, Thurs at 10 in Ashfield – 13 people, 2 instructors
  • Tai Chi for Beginners- every Tuesday - 10
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis every Thursday – 10


  • BINGO every Thursday – 10-12 people each time.
  • Movie –11/27 –“Grand Budapest Hotel”- 4
  • Knitting group – every Thursday 10-15 people
  • Ashfield COA Thanksgiving lunch 11/2 – 19
  • Men's Night – 11/8 – to Floodwater Brewery - 6

Education and Expression:

  • Sen. Learning Network – 11/14 – “Arcadia National Park” – 8 , 11/21 “Lewis and Clark Nat. Historic Trail - 7
  • Veteran’s Agent here the 4th Wed. every month – open for drop ins
  • Memoir Writing by Zoom – on hold due to loss of Faith Kindness
  • Novel Idea Book Club – 8-10 people
  • Drumming – every Monday – 10 people
  • Conversation Café 11/7 – (sponsored by Buck.COA) - 7

Transport- Bob Szafran


  • Nov23- logged in 2732 miles this month (A-24, B-44, S-65, other-53)
  • 77 Med rides, 108 shopping, 24 other
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Ask the Nurse
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To Go Meal
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